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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Are you worried about your thin eyelashes or scanty growth? Well, you are not the only one. Many people want thicker eyelashes. They make a person’s eyes look even more beautiful and attractive.
Factors like genetics, age, certain medical conditions, a nutritional deficiency, an eye infection or hormonal changes in the body often contribute to thin eyelashes. Rubbing your eyes roughly and not removing eye makeup at the end of the day can also cause the delicate hairs of your lashes to fall out
As proper routine care makes eyelashes healthier, this should be your first step to enjoy thicker lashes. You can also use some simple home remedies to promote thicker growth.
Beer in mind that each remedy will have different results in different individuals. It may take a few weeks to several months to get the desired result, and you may have to try more than one remedy to find one that works for you


1.OLIVE OIL- Olive oil is a well-known natural remedy for thicker hair growth as well as eyelashes. This oil is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid that nourish and add volume to your eyelashes. It also helps keep the lashes dark.
Procedure are
1. Dip a clean, old mascara stick or simply a cotton swab in warm olive oil.
2. Before going to bed, apply the oil carefully on your lashes, just as you would apply mascara.
3. Leave it on overnight, then wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning.
4. Repeat this remedy daily for a few months until you get the desired result.

2. LEMON PEELS - You can also use lemon peels to add volume to your eyelashes. The peels are rich in vitamins C and B, folic acid and other nutrients that promote the growth of eyelashes. Also, when infused in olive or castor oil, they will help enhance the cleansing and stimulating properties of the oil.
Procedure are
1. Put 1 tablespoon of moderately dried lemon peels in a container.
2. Pour enough olive or castor oil into the container, so that the peels get soaked.
3. Allow it to sit for a couple of weeks.
4. Using an old mascara stick, apply the oil on your eyelashes before going to bed.
5. Leave it on overnight, then wash it off with warm water in the morning.
6. Follow this remedy for a few months to get encouraging results.

3. EGG - The high protein in eggs can help create thicker and longer eyelashes. In addition, it contains biotin and B vitamins that play a major role in improving the overall texture of your lashes.
Procedure are
1. Beat 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of glycerin until you get a thick, creamy texture.
2. Dip a cotton swab into this mixture and apply it on your eyelashes.
3. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off using cold water.
4. Follow this remedy 3 times a week for a few months.

4.GREEN TEA - Green tea is another effective home remedy for longer, thicker eyelashes. It is rich in flavonoids that stimulate the growth of your lashes.
Procedure are
1. Prepare a cup of unsweetened green tea, and set it aside to cool down.
2. Use a cotton swab to apply the green tea on your lashes, from the roots to the tips.
3. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water.
4. Do this twice daily for 2 to 3 months.
Note: When using green tea, make sure it does not get in your eyes.

5. COCONUT MILK - Coconut milk is rich in protein and essential fats that can help you enjoy thicker, longer eyelashes. It will also add a beautiful shine to your lashes.
Procedure are
1. Dip a cotton swab in cold coconut milk and apply it on your eyelashes.
2. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.
3. Follow this remedy once or twice daily for a few months to get the desired result.

6. BRUSH YOUR EYELASHES - Brushing your lashes can also help them grow. It will help get rid of dust and dirt particles to prevent clogged pores. Moreover, it will encourage blood circulation so that more nutrients reach the hair follicles.
Procedure are
1. Put a few drops of vitamin E oil or petroleum jelly on a soft-bristled eyelash brush or comb.
2. Use the brush to apply the oil or jelly directly on your lashes.
3. Continue brushing the lashes gently using upward strokes. Start from the root of the lashes and slowly move upward to the tip.
4. Brush for about 5 minutes twice daily until you see desired results.

7. ALOE VERA - Aloe vera is a wonderful home remedy that can help you get long, thick eyelashes. It contains several vitamins and nutrients that promote the growth of your lashes. Moreover, it helps keep your eyelashes moisturized.

8.PROPER DIET - Eating a healthy, balanced diet is another important step to enjoy thick eyelashes. But sadly we no longer get nutrients from our daily foods /fruits. That's why we should opt for multivitamins. Just like the hair on your head, your lashes also need a good supply of vitamins and minerals to help them grow longer, thicker and stronger. Protein and vitamins A, B, C and E as well as iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium are important for hair growth.
Include plenty of fresh fruits like apples, guava, mangos, papayas, avocado and grapefruit in your diet.
As lack of essential vitamins and nutrients can have a huge impact on eyelash growth, you can also opt for a multivitamin supplement. Consult me for the supplement type and correct dosage.

1. Never go to sleep with eye makeup on. This can dry your lashes, making them brittle. Remove all your eye makeup with a makeup remover to give your lashes a chance to breathe and grow.
2. Be gentle with your lashes. Avoid pulling on your lashes when removing or applying makeup.
3. Be sure your eye makeup products like mascara, eyeliner and so on are of the best quality.
4. Avoid using fake eyelashes that, when used regularly, can damage your natural lashes.

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