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Sunday, November 6, 2016

10 Questions that will help your career

1. What Am I Doing?
A clear understanding of this question will put you on the
right path to success. This question will bring you back to
Not knowing what you're doing can make you leave your own
path and walk in other people's paths. It's important to
always ask ourselves this question regularly. What am I
doing? Am I doing what am supposed to be doing?
2. Why Am I Doing This?
Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you working
with your talents when you should be working in the bank, or
hospital with your degree? The why, is the motive behind a
task and the motive is very important in shaping one's
career. Is it because you think you can do it better? or is it
because that's what's in vogue? or is it because of the lack
of 'white collar jobs? or is it because you want to use that
talent of yours to impact lives? A truthful answer to this
question will help point you to the right path.
3. Where am I going with this?
This question helped me, it can help you too. Every
talentpreneur should have an understanding of where their
talents will lead them to.
Will working with your talents lead you to the palace or the
Will it help you achieve your dreams and ambitions in life.
What do you intend to achieve from it? It's important we ask
ourselves this silly but important question because what's
the use of walking on a path that leads to nowhere.
4. Who am I doing this for?
It's important for every talentpreneur to know their target
Which set of people can you easily relate with? Can you
easily relate with the youths, females, males, old, young, rich,
poor, educated, uneducated, sick, broken hearted,
unemployed etc. We need to also know our location, our
territory. We can also chose our target audience and work
towards taking our talents to them.
5. What will I gain from this?
It's wisdom to engage in a profitable venture. In fact,
engaging in an unprofitable venture can be regarded as
foolishness. Will it bring you peace of mind, happiness, joy,
rest, riches, honour, and above all, will it make you a fulfilled
man or woman?
6. What will I lose for not doing this?
I've sometimes imagined not doing what I'm doing, and the
picture isn't pleasant. Most people are doing what they are
not gifted at and that's the cause of the lackadaisical
attitudes of some employees.
7. How can I improve on this?
Every talent needs proper development and refinement. And
it's also important for talentpreneurs to get the adequate
skills that will help improve their talents and presentation to
the audience.
We're not the only person doing what we're doing, so, we
must always look for ways to improve our talents and
8. How can I make a living from this?
The proper use of just a talent has the potential of turning
someone into a multi millionaire. In other words, every
talents can be monetized.I've discovered
that talent monetization is regarded as the most difficult
aspects of talentpreneurship, but it can be made easier if
only we'd seek how to.
9. How can I take this to my audience?
This is where talent promotion comes to play. In Africa, lack
of finance has always been the major constraint to effective
talent promotion, thus, the need for strategic talent promotion
and marketing.
10. Who should I take along?
Every Moses needs a Aaron, every Abraham needs a Lot and
every Jesus needs his twelve disciples. The person or people
you take along in the pursuit of your dreams through your
talents will determine if you will gain speed or lag behind. At
the early stage of your career, you may have to go alone, but
we must understand that we can't do it all alone thus the
need to build a team that can help us to achieve our dreams
and missions.

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