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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reasons why Yemi Alade had a successful 2016 than Tiwa Savage

The year 2016 has been incredible for Nigerian entertainment and whatever we achieve from now on, we will always reference this year as perhaps the major turning point in 21st century entertainment for us, particularly in the music industry.
With this growth, we have seen Davido ink a massive deal with Sony/ RCA just as Wizkid has done according to several sources in the know.
Crossing over to the females, Tiwa Savage has got something with Roc Nation under the tutelage of American hip hop mogul Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter and the possibilities remain unending for the local industry.
We love the growth rates and the international recognitions, even though many hold that international music deals are not the complete answers to our problems in the music industry.
In fact, others argue that our best bet is breaking into European markets as the American consumers are so in tune with the US sounds and culture they can hardly give room for foreigners to come in and dominate, however small the market niche.
We will never know if we don’t give this a try so let’s stay hopeful.
Let’s stay believing because impossible is nothing.
On the flip side, there’s a brewing debate that Yemi Alade has had a more successful year than Tiwa Savage and so we thought to run through this discourse with as much available data as we could gather for the time being.
It is clear that in 2016 Wizkid has enjoyed perhaps his most critically-acclaimed run of form since becoming an entertainer, chiefly because of his collaboration with Drake on One Dance which dropped in April 2016 and then the humongous reception in its wake.
He has also been this influential because of his connects, collaboration and performances with Chris Brown. Then there is the part of him and Justin Skye, a union which appears to be crafted specially for the Ojuelegba hero.
That settles it for the guys in terms of the biggest act this year. But with Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade, the debate is still ongoing, never ending and most likely going to spin off into 2017.
It all makes for interesting conversations within entertainment circles and amongst pop culture connoisseurs. But on our part at Gozmo blog,we have analysed both stars based on their performances and star power for the year and we think Yemi Alade edged Tiwa Savage out for these three reasons:

1. Controversies – They say every publicity is good publicity except for ones obituary and as a result, entertainers and public figures tend to ride on the back of this whenever they are in the news. The sad part is some controversies just never really fizzle out, whatever the case.
Since April 2016 when the world witnessed the tumultuous nature of Tiwa’s marriage with (ex) husband Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun, it hasn’t quite been the same for the pop star. You can argue that she retained her endorsement deals and has managed to perform at some of the biggest African gigs in the US but it is what it is. Critics will always maintain the episode was a setback for her in one way or the other, even though we believe she did an excellent job bouncing back from it.
Yemi Alade on the other hand has had a near-impeccable record this year as far as social media dramas and controversies are concerned, which is a huge plus.

2. Local Audience/ Demographics – While Tiwa Savage has forayed into the international market with particular emphasis on the American audience base, many are of the opinion it is a wild goose chase. They maintain that it is almost impossible for an African to come from outside the continent and dominate the sounds except him or her is resident there and ‘playing ball’ in total conformity with the culture of the core American. It remains to be seen how far she goes with this.
But on her part, Yemi Alade has remained true to her root, connecting with a sizeable chunk of the African market and churning out materials appealing to their ethos, their existence as a people as well as performing on possibly very big stage the continent has set up for her entertainers.

3. Awards – With Yemi Alade’s MTV MAMA award for Best Female Act for 2016, it makes it two years back to back for her and hardly anyone is in doubt of her artistry. At Gozmo blog, we believe it is the result of persistence, drive and staying true to ones root because not only did Tiwa Savage drop her R.E.D. album in late 2015 (which served as an early start for her 2016 campaign), she also dropped a deluxe version of the album in 2016 so that whatever the case she had ample materials with which to jostle for the top spot on the continent.
She probably isn’t getting some details right here and there. But hey, that’s what it is. Yemi is currently on top and she deserves every drop of recognition she gets today.
As for social media footprints, which is another strong aspect of every entertainer’s impact today, Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage are just as great, their accounts showing that they are managed by a solid team of publicist and online strategists who know their onions.

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