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Monday, December 12, 2016

Mariah Carey Gushes Over James Packer

Mariah Carey and James Packer looked very much in love on Sunday's Mariah's World .
On the episode, Mariah's European tour kicked off and James was right by her side for the occasion. James flew to Glasgow, Scotland to see the show and Mariah said the gesture was "very sweet."

"My fiancé's very nice for him to pop in on me, it's very sweet," Mariah said on the episode. "He's very busy, he travels constantly and he didn't really have to fly just to come to my show."
So how did Mariah's opening show go?
Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more OMG moments from this episode of Mariah's World !

1. Mariah & Bryan Tanaka Show Off Secret Handshake:
On the episode, Mariah's backup dancer Bryan Tanaka stops by her dressing room hoping to reconnect with her after 10 years apart.
In the clip above, Tanaka congratulates Mimi on her engagement to James and the two even show off their secret handshake!

2. Mariah Recalls Feeling Like Rapunzel in Past Relationship:
While explaining why she doesn't tour very often, Mariah reveals that for the first part of her career she "was not encouraged to go on tour" and was instead encouraged to "make records."

Mariah says, "I was with someone at the time that had a lot of control over my life. He was older than me by a lot and had a lot of power and they wanted me to remain away from most people, like sequestered."
Jermaine Dupri also recalls that time in Mariah's life and compares her to Rapunzel.
"I've been around her when she was Rapunzel, when she was in this big ass castle," Dupri says.
"It was seriously…I had to get permission to leave," Mariah reveals.

When asked what it felt like to be "locked in a house" like that, Mariah says she thought she was going to be in there "haunting the house dead."
Mariah continues, "I never thought I would get out of there."
But she did and when she had the "courage to move on" Mariah wrote the song "Butterfly" that helped her heal.

3. Kristofer Explains Why Molly Makes Him "Nervous":
While talking to Mariah's makeup artist Kristofer, Stella's new assistant Molly admits she doesn't like using the word "bathroom."
Molly is explaining her personality when she says, "When I'm nervous I'm calm, when I'm very nervous I'm calm and I will go 24 hours without even running to the BR to go pee for the first time in the day."

Kristofer then realizes what BR means, "I'm like BR...?"
"Because I don't want to say, 'Going to the bathroom,'" Molly explains.
After their conversation, Kristofer reveals what he really thinks about Molly!
Watch the hilarious clip above!

4. Mariah Explains Why She Only Likes to Be Photographed From Her Right Side:
While getting her makeup done by Kristofer, Mariah tells the story of how she was told her right side is her "good side."
When Mariah was 19 and doing her first photo shoot, a lady on set told her, "This is your good side, only let people photograph you from your good side, ever."
After hearing this, Mariah admits that she "didn't like" the pictures from the left side.
"Maybe you had a crappy photographer," Kristofer tells Mariah.
"I think I did and makeup artist," Mariah replies. "And I stuck to it because that was her job."
But, Mariah admits, "I don't hate it when it's well-lit, they just have to light it.

5. James Packer Flies to See Mariah's Opening Night:
Even though James is busy and traveling constantly for work, he makes time to fly to Scotland to see Mariah and attend the opening night of her European tour.
The two show major PDA and Stella tells the duo they make a "hot couple."

6. Mariah Admits She's a "Nervous Wreck" Before Opening Night:
Before hitting the stage, Mariah admits that she's still a "nervous wreck" about the show. But once she gets on stage, the crowd goes wild and the response to the concert is incredible.
After the performance, Stella reads social media comments and audience members said that Mariah was "on fire" during the concert and the show was "fantastic."

7. Mariah Admits She Feels ''Guilty'' When She's Away From Her Kids
Mariah is just starting her European tour and she's doing her best to balance her personal and professional life. But, Mariah does admit that it's hard on her when she has to go to work and leave her kids Monroe and Moroccan.
"When we're away from them for this many hours it's not even that long but it still feels like forever," Mariah explains. "And I feel guilty if I'm not there. I want them to have memories that are not just lost."
Mariah then says, "I feel guilty if they're like, 'I want you to stay with me.' I don't want to leave."
But, Mariah explains that everything she's doing is for them.
"It's ultimately for them," she says. "Everything I'm doing is for them".

8. Mariah Attempts to Play Mediator in Explosive Fight:
During the episode, Mariah had to get in the middle of an explosive fight between her backup singer Mary Ann and her creative director Anthony .

It all started when Anthony found out that Mary Ann's child would be on the same tour bus as all of the dancers for the entire European tour, which they weren't happy about. So Anthony spoke to the tour manager and Mariah about wanting to make a change and when word got back to Mary Ann, she became very upset.
At the end of the episode, Anthony tried to approach Mary Ann to apologize, but she wasn't having it.
"He should stay far away from her," Carey said. "He needs to stay away."


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