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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Do as I do, Kemen is the winner & The Housemates get Physical-Day 27 #BBNaija


Housemates wake up to disturbing drum beats

Despite winning their “Make Noise” Task on Thursday, several Housemates were back at it this morning, making noise for the rest of them!

Leading the pack in the racket were Jon, Efe, TTT and Kemen. They called themselves the “Phly Band” and played the drums they used during the Task Presentation night, waking up the rest of the Housemates who were still fast asleep.

When Jon was asked on how he came up with the idea of making noise, he said, “The spirit led me and I started beating the drum,” much to the amusement of the Housemates.

While beating on the drums, the quartet waltzed into the bedroom, where Debie-Rise, Ese and TBoss were still tucked in. The visibly annoyed girls wasted no time in letting the guys know that they were not pleased. Debie-Rise even went to the extent of chasing the guys out of the bedroom, carrying a tub of water and an iron rod.

This went on for a while, until HOH Ese and Efe took it to a whole new level. They played a game they called “Do as I do”. Every time Ese said or did something, Efe mimicked her. Ese sang, laughed and screamed and Efe did the same. All the other Housemates sat around the kitchen counter, obviously amused by the two.

This continued for a while, while the other Housemates were busy with preparing breakfast.

Housemates Get Physical

If you’ve ever wondered the type of partner the Housemates prefer, now you know!

The Housemates sat around the garden and “unpacked” their ideal partners, with the ladies going first.

The conversation started with the guys asking the girls to choose which one, among the guys, they would pick to go out on a casual date with. TBoss was asked to choose between Kemen, Bassey and Efe and she chose Efe.

After a round of choosing between the guys, the conversation quickly went to discussing the pros and cons between guys with muscular bodies and slim bodies.

Kemen defended guys with muscular bodies, saying the ideal body structure of a man was definitely not the skinny type. However, his point was quickly shot down by Jon, who said most successful guys he knew were not muscular. “Look at Steve Jobs, he’s not buff. Look at (Aliko) Dangote, he’s not buff,” Jon argued.

Just as the conversation got heated, it further moved to a discussion on the physical aspect of their idea partners. First up was TBoss, who said she liked tall guys, with a nice smile. Marvis and Bisola were more concerned about hygiene. Gifty, on the other hand, said in addition to what the other girls had said, she also liked a guy who was financially stable.

Starting off the guys was Jon, who said he loved natural, funny girls and ones who could sing. The conversation was, however, cut short by Biggie, as HOH Ese was called into the Diary Room and came back with a message from Biggie.

Kemen is the winner!

Kemen must be thanking his lucky stars today!

He was announced the actual winner of the Friday Night’s Games after Biggie realized that the initial winner, ThinTallTony, failed to complete the puzzle during the games.

ThinTallTony was announced winner yesterday, when he clocked the quickest time, beating Kemen, who came in second. For his prize, ThinTallTony was allowed to choose one girl and two guys to share with. He chose TBoss, Kemen, and Balley.

sudden twist of events, Biggie has withdrawn ThinTallTony’s prize and announced Kemen as the winner.

HoH Ese made the announcement from Biggie, adding that Biggie had gone through last night’s footage and got evidence that ThinTallTony had actually not completed his puzzle. The evidence, in the form of a copy of a screen shot, was circulated among the Housemates.

HoH Ese announced that in light of this development, Kemen is the actual winner. Biggie congratulated Kemen and asked him to pick two guys and one girl to share his prize with. Biggie warned Kemen though, that if the Housemates he chose rejected his offer, he would forfeit his prize. Kemen picked the same group of people picked by ThinTallTony. His decision was received with mixed emotions in the House and Kemen was heard saying, “You gon respect my choice abeg.”


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