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Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to secure your Husband from Strange Women


1. Strange women

The world is increasingly going through the challenges of modernization throwing up pressure to marriages. 

Smart phones and other IT devices are delivery nudes, new wave of friendship down to the bedrooms of people. 

A man could be talking with his wife in the bedroom while he’s chatting with another woman without the knowledge of his wife. All these have piled up pressures on wives seeking to have stable marriages. 

Here are some ways to secure your husband from strange women and secure your marriage.

2. Serve Him What He Likes
During jokes or conversation your husband would have told you what he likes and without been told a wife should know what her husband likes. 

It is your duty to please him when it is within your power to do so. Some husbands loves sports to the extend they go outside to watch with their friends.

Hear this testimony: This woman said her husband was always leaving the house to watch football outside and the Spirit said to her she could make him watch it at home and wisdom came. 

She asked him the next time his club was going to play and he told her; and she prepared for that day, bought his kind of drink and put it in the fridge and fried some chicken. On that day as the husband was about going out again, she told him she was going to watch the game with him and he reluctantly agreed to watch at home. 

The game started and they were watching; and later she brought in his best drink and some fried chicken. He was surprised at the wife. While he supported Chelsea she supported the opposition and at the end Chelsea Football Club won and the husband was thrilled and from that day onwards, he stayed at home. 

If you can get him to stay at home most of the time, he will lose interest in other women. That will be your assignment. Every man has a soft spot and only a wise wife can know that.

3. Some husbands love sex. Hear this. A lady said while we were discussing that her husband can never date another woman. I was shocked and asked her what she meant. 

She said she discovered that her husband likes women and probably has women outside. She decided to go out of her ways to really please him sexually. 

In the morning while he was dressing for work, she would invite him for sex and satisfy him. She really gave it to him every time that she observed he no longer hide to receive calls and stayed at home most of the time. He even confessed when the other women disturbed him so much. 

According to her, there was a day he told her he could never do without her and requested if she would travel with him on official trip for a seminal, she gladly obliged him. That was her she regained her husband to herself.

I was in disbelief that a woman could go all the length to fight for her man. Woman, you too can be led be the Holy Spirit. Everything is not fight and quarrel. I have had course to tell some women seeking divorce, even if you leave him, and remarries, you would eventually be faced with the other man’s challenge. Divorce is not the answer in most cases.

4. Escort him to the Gate
Always try to escort him to the car or the gate and tell him ‘my angel is watching over you. Go and return to me safely. I love you’ then give him a kiss. Never leave your husband without a kiss in the public or private. 

Those prophetic words are arrows fired into the air and will not return to you void without fulfilling its purpose. We have a weapon in our mouth. We shouldn’t use it to destroy our families but rather use it to build them.

5. Don’t be too careless not to be observant
Women are talented in this area that they can sense another woman’s intention towards their men unless they chose to ignore it. 

In most cases the men hardly know or see it. The men always think it is a harmless hug, or friendship and not until it manifests before they begin to realize that their wives were right after all.

The challenge here is that most women are unable to manage the situation due to their emotions. My advice is simple, if you observe that a particular woman is too close to your husband, make friends with her and try to offer her what help she needs that draws her close to your husband. If it is prayer, pray with her. If it is counsel, sit down to understand her situation and counsel her. If it is money or other things within your power, give to her and you would be surprised you have rescued your husband. Woman to woman, she would understand your intentions and stay clear.

Don’t be too careless and say he is a Christian and he can take care of the situation. Some men of God have fallen to this trick and their ministries ruined. This counsel is particularly good for wives of ordained ministers and pastors because of their assignment in the house of God. Wives should help their husbands stay focus to their marriage, calling or assignment.

6. Don’t let jealousy take the better part of you
You must tame that leopard called jealousy. It has a way of roaring without control in women, so that things don't go out of hand. If your husband suspects you are jealous, he will watch your every move. Take control of the situation. 


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