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Friday, May 12, 2017

Things guys should not say to a Nigerian lady on first date

Most Nigerian men are not perfect when it comes to
wooing a lady. Due to ego, some men assume that they
can convince any girl to date them, irrespective of what
they do or say

First impression matters a lot. If you get it right on a first
date, you are more likely to get a second date and more.
Ladies do not appreciate a braggadocio, so mentioning
your achievements to a lady you are getting to know will
only turn her off.

Unfortunately, most Nigerian guys think this is the best
way to get a girl since most ladies are materialistic.
Well, you’ll need to change your vocabulary. Here are
some silly things most Nigerian men say to ladies that
should be avoided on a first date.

* I Love You
Okay Pause! How can you possibly love someone you
are still getting to know? That would be lust and a huge
lie for you to say. In as much as you feel something for
her, it is definitely not love, so saying ‘I love you’ either
makes you a liar or a confused fellow.

* I Am the Son of . . ./ the CEO of . . .
Men, Ladies First
Some men cannot camouflage on low key because they
think if she knows who’se son he is, or where he works,
it might boost his reputation. Well, here’s the shocker,
women do not like it when men strike them as being
Some ladies might be overwhelmed by your status, some
do not care and may look down on your proud tellings. If
you are not her type, being the son of Dangote will not
change that.

*You Look Like My Ex
Really! Comparison to an ex; who may still be her
competition, is a ‘NO NO Liner.’ Tell her she looks pretty
and not liken her to someone you once had feelings for.
That will only make her a second option; because your
ex is no more available, you want to settle for her look-

*What Are Your Statistics?
Now this would piss women off totally. It is irritating
when men walk up to ladies and within few minutes start
to ask them for their statistics when the guys do not
work for modelling agencies.
This is a lustful question and most ladies may frown at
it. Not only is it inappropriate, it could sound as a rude
shock to the lady.

*I Can Buy You Anything You Want
Men, Ladies First
Ladies do not like it when they meet men who see them
as cheap,with the assumption that they would fall once
they know their financial needs can be taken care of.
Some ladies would rather walk in rags with pride than
date men who would give them clothes and later make
them feel worthless. Some men even go as far as saying
‘I Can Take You Round the World.’ Not every woman
enjoys these exaggerated promises, especially if the man
is trying so hard to buy her love.

* I Will Give You Satisfaction
This is really disgusting and most men say it even
though not in black and white. Not only is it
inappropriate to say this to a woman, it is embarrassing
for a lady to be addressed like that when she is not a
prostitute. Even though ladies worry about the sexual
performances of their partners, they do not appreciate it
when men propose this to them while asking them out. It
makes them feel like the men are after their bodies and
nothing else.

* I Want to Marry You
This line might captivate the heart of teenagers who do
not know what life is talking about. However, saying it to
a lady in her late twenties and above, suggests that you
are either mocking her or plan to use the marriage liner
to get into her panties.
Having said all of these, courtesy demands that the next
time you are about to sweep a lady off her feet, you
should stay clear off the above phrases. Be yourself and she will love you for who you are.


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