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Monday, January 15, 2018

Some ways to show someone you care

There are tons of ways to share your affection for someone without words, and let's be honest, actions do speak a lot louder. Here are some creative ways to show the love.

One of the best ways to show someone you care is the listen,if they start talking about something that's important to them, make sure to listen and engage with them about the topic. Let them know that you support everything that they love and enjoy--and encourage them to tell you some of their favorite stories. This also includes being there for him or her when needed.In general even through the toughest times. Wanting to get to know someone better is a great way to prove your affection.

*Be spontaneous
Planning spontaneous dates and surprising your SO will keep him or her surprised and show that you care about making him or her smile. If you've spent the last three days lounging around watching Netflix (which is great), try to mix it up and plan a picnic date at the park or a night out dancing. Even if your SO is a homebody, planning a fun night out every now and then is sure to be appreciated.

*Give them a thoughtful gift
When it comes to picking out a gift for your SO, you don't have to break the bank. Whether it's his or her birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day or even just a random day, giving them a thoughtful gift is a great way to let them know how you feel.Some other great ideas are handwritten letters, handmade art or a compilation of keepsakes that are dear to the both of you. It's always the thought that counts, not the dollar signs.

*Make time, always
No matter how busy you may be, making time for your SO is sure to communicate how you feel. Being in a relationship is a commitment, and he or she deserves to be a part of your daily life. Make sure to allot enough time for your SO, so her or she never has to wonder how you feel or their importance in your life. If you're really busy one day or one week, make sure to send a sweet message as a reminder that you're thinking of him or her.

*Cook a nice meal
That fastest way to many peoples' hearts is through their stomachs. Surprising your SO with a thoughtful home-cooked meal screams "I love you." Take the time to make his or her favorite meal from scratch, or you could try a cooking delivery system, such as Hello Fresh, if you aren't the best in the kitchen. Your SO will surely be thrilled to see that you spent the time making a meal no matter how it turns out.

*Be forgiving
Relationships can be very hard – both you and your SO will disagree, fight and even make mistakes. If you truly love someone, you'll learn to forgive and move on. Don't hold grudges and make your SO feel terrible about something he or she has already apologized for. Try to be understanding and see the other side of every story, that's what love it about.

*Give small signs of affection
Or as some call it: The X's and O's. Shower your SO with hugs and kisses as often as you can. Make sure they know you don't want to keep your hands off him or her, because you are so in love. Giving frequent small signs of affection will reassure your SO that you are crazy about them – but keep it to a minimum in public.

*Make a secret handshake
Your SO is so much more than just your SO – they should be your best friend as well. What's better than a secret handshake between two besties? Tell your SO you want to make a secret handshake. It's sure to make him or her blush and feel special. This is a great way to show love in the littlest of ways. Little things can go a long way.

*Be vulnerable
One way to show your love for someone is to open yourself up to love as well. Take notice of everything your SO is doing as well, and be vulnerable. Peel back your layers and show who you really are. Giving all of yourself and receiving all of him or her in return is the best way to show love.
Hopefully, with these tips, you'll be able to speak your SO's love language and win him or her over forever. Love doesn't have to be marked by three words--it can be shown in a plethora of ways.


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