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Sunday, May 27, 2018

2018 Russia world cup full match fixtures

    The long awaited FIFA 2018 World Cup will take place in Russia and will be hosted by the same country. The world’s largest football competition will begin on June 14, 2018 and will last till July 15, 2018.

    Below are Dates, kick-off times and stadiums for the 2018 World Cup in Russia as released by FIFA.

    Group stages

    Thu June 14: Russia v Saudi Arabia (Group A) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm

    Fri June 15: Egypt v Uruguay (Group A) – Ekaterinburg, 1pm

    Fri June 15: Morocco v Iran (Group B) – St Petersburg, 4pm

    Fri June 15: Portugal v Spain (Group B) – Sochi, 7pm

    Sat June 16: France v Australia (Group C) – Kazan, 11am

    Sat June 16: Argentina v Iceland (Group D) – Moscow (Spartak), 2pm

    Sat June 16: Peru v Denmark (Group C) – Saransk, 5pm

    Sat June 16: Croatia v Nigeria (Group D) – Kaliningrad, 8pm

    Sun June 17: Costa Rica v Serbia (Group E) – Samara, 1pm

    Sun June 17: Germany v Mexico (Group F) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm

    Sun June 17: Brazil v Switzerland (Group E) – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm

    Mon June 18: Sweden v South Korea (Group F) – Nizhny Novgorod, 1pm

    Mon June 18: Belgium v Panama (Group G) – Sochi, 4pm

    Mon June 18: Tunisia v England (Group G) – Volgograd, 7pm

    Tues June 19: Colombia v Japan (Group H) – Saransk, 1pm

    Tues June 19: Poland v Senegal (Group H) – Moscow (Spartak), 4pm

    Tues June 19: Russia v Egypt (Group A) – St Petersburg, 7pm

    Wed June 20: Portugal v Morocco (Group B) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 1pm

    Wed June 20: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (Group A) – Rostov-on-Don, 4pm

    Wed June 20: Iran v Spain (Group B) – Kazan, 7pm

    Thu June 21: Denmark v Australia (Group C) – Samara, 1pm

    Thu June 21: France v Peru (Group C) – Ekaterinburg, 4pm

    Thu June 21: Argentina v Croatia (Group D) – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm

    Fri June 22: Brazil v Costa Rica (Group E) – St Petersburg, 1pm

    Fri June 22: Nigeria v Iceland (Group D) – Volgograd, 4pm

    Fri June 22: Serbia v Switzerland (Group E) – Kaliningrad, 7pm

    Sat June 23: Belgium v Tunisia (Group G) – Moscow (Spartak), 1pm

    Sat June 23: South Korea v Mexico (Group F) – Rostov-on-Don, 4pm

    Sat June 23: Germany v Sweden (Group F) – Sochi, 7pm

    Sun June 24: England v Panama (Group G) – Nizhny Novgorod, 1pm

    Sun June 24: Japan v Senegal (Group H) – Ekaterinburg, 4pm

    Sun June 24: Poland v Colombia (Group H) – Kazan, 7pm

    Mon June 25: Uruguay v Russia (Group A) – Samara, 3pm

Mon June 25: Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Group A) – Volgograd, 3pm

    Mon June 25: Spain v Morocco (Group B) – Kaliningrad, 7pm

    Mon June 25: Iran v Portugal (Group B) – Saransk, 7pm

    Tues June 26: Denmark v France (Group C) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm

    Tues June 26: Australia v Peru (Group C) – Sochi, 3pm

    Tues June 26: Nigeria v Argentina (Group D) – St Petersburg, 7pm

    Tues June 26: Iceland v Croatia (Group D) – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm

    Wed June 27: South Korea v Germany (Group F) – Kazan, 3pm

    Wed June 27: Mexico v Sweden (Group F) – Ekaterinburg, 3pm

    Wed June 27: Serbia v Brazil (Group E) – Moscow (Spartak), 7pm

    Wed June 27: Switzerland v Costa Rica (Group E) – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm

    Thu June 28: Japan v Poland (Group H) – Volgograd, 3pm

    Thu June 28: Senegal v Colombia (Group H) – Samara, 3pm

    Thu June 28: England v Belgium (Group G) – Kaliningrad, 7pm

    Thu June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Group G) – Saransk, 7pm

    Sat June 30: 1C v 2D – Kazan, 3pm (Match 50)

    Sat June 30: 1A v 2B – Sochi, 7pm (Match 49)

    Sun July 1: 1B v 2A – Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm (Match 51)

    Sun July 1: 1D v 2C – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm (Match 52)

    Mon July 2: 1E v 2F – Samara, 3pm (Match 53)

    Mon July 2: 1G v 2H – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm (Match 54)

    Tues July 3: 1F v 2E – St Petersburg 3pm (Match 55)

    Tues July 3: 1H v 2G – Moscow (Spartak), 7pm (Match 56)


    Fri July 6: Winner match 49 v Winner match 50 – Nizhny Novgorod, 3pm (Match

    Fri July 6: Winner match 53 v Winner match 54 – Kazan, 7pm (Match 58)

    Sat July 7: Winner match 55 v Winner match 56 – Samara, 3pm (Match 60)

    Sat July 7: Winner match 51 v Winner match 52 – Sochi, 7pm (Match 59)


    Tues July 10: Winner match 57 v Winner match 58 – St Petersburg, 7pm

    Wed July 11: Winner match 59 v Winner match 60 – Moscow (Luzhniki), 7pm

    Third-place play-off

    Sat July 14: St Petersburg, 3pm


    Sun July 15: Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm

    All times listed are BST (British Summer Time).

    Kaliningrad is one hour ahead of BST. Kazan, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, St Petersburg, Saransk, Sochi and Volgograd are two hours ahead of BST. Samara is three hours ahead of BST. Ekaterinburg is four hours ahead of BST.


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